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We can’t reduce housing costs by wishing for rent control

SACRAMENTO — The term “magical thinking” describes people who believe, as one psychology related website puts it, “that one’s own thoughts, wishes or desires can influence the external world.” It’s the idea that if we wish for something hard enough it might actually come true. It’s become a fixture in California’s political world, especially as it relates to the problem of high housing prices.

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Freddie Mac: For Many Renting Is A Strategic Choice

“These changing perceptions, combined with rising rents and tightening supply of affordable housing, are likely to fuel continued multifamily market growth in the years ahead.”


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Scammers target Denver renters desperate for affordable housing: Tips to avoid falling victim

AURORA, Colo. — Online rental scams are becoming a major problem in the Denver metro area and a Castle Pines realtor says they’re targeting people who are desperate to find affordable housing.

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A Mile High Building Boom in Denver

A booming tech industry and strong job market have fueled an apartment-building frenzy in the midsize, mile-high city of Denver. Neighborhoods once filled with rundown 19th-century warehouses, modest apartment complexes and vacant lots have transformed into landscapes of glass, brick and steel, as new structures continue to climb.

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