Broomfield approves affordable housing ordinance

The Broomfield City Council passed Broomfield Ordinance 2100 on March 10, 2020.

“City Council on Tuesday added a chapter to Broomfield municipal code requiring developers to take affordable/attainable housing into consideration when building housing units.”

“Council passed the ordinance 8-1, with Ward 4 Councilwoman Kimberly Groom voting against.”

“Drew Hamrick, senior vice president and general counsel at the Colorado Apartment Association, in a news release said Council’s decision “could prove disastrous” for Broomfield residents because while it claims to promote affordable housing units, it will only do so at the expense of other renters.”

“Shifting the cost of rent from one group of renters to another does not decrease in the overall cost of housing,” he said. “Instead, the burden of lower income residents is transferred to other residents who only have slightly higher income. Broomfield Ordinance 2100 unfairly asks people such as firefighters, nurses, and policemen to pay the rent of other tenants.”

“The real solution to affordable housing is to build more units,” Hamrick said. “Our state should be focused on reducing the costs and delays of constructing new multifamily developments, which is the least expensive and the most environmentally friendly option.”

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