Colorado Eviction Ban Set To Expire Saturday After Democrats’ Proposal Disintegrates

Colorado Public Radio quotes Drew Hamrick on tailoring rent relief to residents with COVID-19 hardship.

“People have generally kept paying their rent despite the current eviction moratorium and financial crisis, with only a slight rise in delinquency, according to data from a Colorado Apartment Association survey of larger apartment buildings.”

“But Hamrick said that even small increases in nonpayment could disproportionately hurt smaller landlords.”

“If you have a bungalow in Washington Park and a duplex in Capitol Hill and one of your tenants doesn’t pay, that is unsustainable,” he said.

“Conversely, housing advocates have warned that evictions will surge as unemployment benefits ramp down and the recession potentially drags on. Gonzales said that evictions will leave people homeless during a pandemic.”

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