Denver City Council urges state and federal leaders to cancel rent, mortgage payments amid pandemic

Denver city leaders are pressuring Gov. Jared Polis and the Colorado legislature to cancel rent and mortgage payments for Coloradans struggling to pay during the coronavirus pandemic.

“With its approval, the proclamation will now be sent on to state and federal leaders.”

“The Colorado Apartment Association (CAA) said it has some concerns about the proposal. It suggested other ways to help renters, including halting evictions, setting up payment plans for tenants and waiving late fees.”

“We are grateful that members of the City Council took our input under advisement, but we worry the resolution as written could further harm the rental housing industry. We understand this is a really challenging time for everyone. For those residents who are able to pay rent, we ask that they do to ensure that financial assistance is prioritized to help those in dire financial situations. It’s important to know that rent payments go beyond just the mortgage payment, rent payments also are used for payroll, maintenance, taxes, insurance, and continue operation of their rental facilities,” said Mark Williams, executive vice president of the CAA.”

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