If you know how to chip away at the housing crisis, a bank and an affordable housing developer might give you money to try it

A national search for new ideas to address rising housing costs is being conducted from Denver. Denverite explains how Wells Fargo and Enterprise Community Partners is making a difference:


Denver-based Wells Fargo and affordable housing nonprofit Enterprise Community Partners announced Wednesday they were accepting applications from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands for their Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge, which will end this summer with six winning projects getting more than $2 million each

The Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge is part of a $1 billion commitment by Wells Fargo to support housing affordability across the country by 2025. The bank turned to Enterprise, which has been involved in initiatives similar to the Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge, for expertise. In addition to cash, the winners will get two years’ technical assistance from Enterprise.

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