Find the closest housing authority in your city or county.

Adams County

Adams County Housing Authority

Adams County Housing Authority is dedicated to helping county residents by providing access to both affordable housing and services that offer a solid foundation on which to build economic independence.

Arapahoe County

Housing and Community Development Division

The Housing and Community Development Services Division administers grants and programs that support affordable housing, improve public facilities and infrastructure, and provide public services for the county’s low- to moderate-income and special needs populations. Its Housing Assistance Program can assist with: housing searches, referrals to rental assistance programs, eviction resources, homeless prevention services, and other housing resource questions.

General Assistance (emergency financial assistance including to pay rent)

General Assistance helps Arapahoe County residents with emergency situations and is available to individuals who are not currently receiving public assistance.


Arvada Housing Authority

The Arvada Housing Authority is committed to continuing to build a great community through a customer-oriented organization that provides safety and protections, essential services, recreational opportunities, and fiscal accountability.


Aurora Housing Authority (AHA)

The AHA is committed to providing safe, decent, affordable housing to its community and proudly serves many different groups including working families, single parents, disabled residents, seniors, homeless, and veterans.

Down Payment Assistance

Aurora’s loan program offers up to $10,000 in financial assistance to help qualified, first-time homebuyers cover down payment and closing costs

Home Ownership Assistance Program 

Aurora’s Home Ownership Assistance Program (HOAP) offers a variety of housing-related counseling services as well as educational seminars and financial assistance to help qualified, first-time homebuyers.


Housing Advisory Committee and Housing Authority

The DHA is a quasi-municipal corporation with a portfolio of over 11,000 units and housing choice vouchers, providing affordable housing to more than 26,000 very low-, low-, and middle-income individuals representing over 10,000 families. DHA has transformed public housing in Denver creating vibrant, revitalized, sustainable, transit oriented, and mixed-income community of choice.

Brothers Redevelopment

Brothers Redevelopment is a Denver-based nonprofit organization that provides housing and a variety of housing-related services for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents.

LIVE (Low Income Voucher Equity) Pilot Program

The Lower Income Voucher Equity Program (LIVE Denver) is a two-year pilot program built through a public-private partnership with employers, foundations, and the City of Denver. LIVE Denver creates immediate affordable housing options by connecting vacant rental units with working families and individuals.

Dedicated Affordable Housing Fund

In the fall 2016, the Denver City Council approved the first-ever dedicated fund for affordable housing in Denver. Through a thoughtful balance of property tax revenue and a one-time fee on new development, the fund is estimated to raise $150 million over the next 10 years to create or preserve 6,000 affordable homes for low- to moderate-income families.

Temporary Rental and Utility Assistance (TRUA)

The TRUA program is to assist residents of the City & County of Denver who are facing a housing crisis or hardship due to circumstances beyond their control. The financial assistance is a grant to help mitigate displacement, and or eviction to help residents stabilize their housing condition and if need be provide time for locating alternative housing for longer-term stability. The funds can also assist with utility payments for those residents that have received disconnect notices.

City of Denver, Office of Economic Development Renter Resources

Denver’s Office of Economic Development provides an in-depth list of rental properties, FAQs, instructions, rent payment assistance, and legal help.

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)

Planning – Housing Opportunity

The Denver Regional Council of Governments firmly believes that housing is more than just shelter. It is a key determinant of local and regional economies, drives travel patterns and habits, and is a primary factor in determining the physical and social health of the region’s residents. Ensuring that every resident has a safe, decent, accessible and affordable place to live is critical to the long-term economic success of the Denver region.

Douglas County


Douglas County Housing Partnership

The Douglas County Housing Partnership (DCHP), a multi-Jurisdictional Housing Authority, was formed in 2003 as a cooperative effort between businesses and local and county government to address the issue of the lack of affordable housing for people who work in the area.


City of Englewood, Community Development Department

The Community Development Department oversees the building division, planning, zoning, environmental, neighborhood, business, and housing initiatives in the City of Englewood.

Housing Resources

The Community Development Department has aggregated a list of specific housing resources for the Englewood area, ranging from home energy grants, financial assistance, and other housing opportunities.


Golden offers a wide range of programs such as homebuying programs, homeownership counseling programs, homeownership rehab programs, direct assistance rental programs, and indirect assistance rental programs.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Housing Authority

The Jefferson County Housing Authority strives to create vibrant, stable communities, in areas of opportunity, via bold and strategic initiatives and to provide families and individuals with housing options driven by compassion and respect throughout the county.

Metro West Housing Solutions

Metro West is committed to providing high-quality, safe, affordable, and sustainable housing and services to thousands of people in metro Denver that earn a range of incomes and embody the community’s strengths, culture, and diversity.

Department of Housing and Community Development

Jefferson County administers state and federal funds for a variety of homeless, housing, economic development and infrastructure improvement initiatives.


South Metro Housing Options

In 2012, the Littleton Housing Authority began doing business as South Metro Housing Options (SMHO). SMHO currently owns and manages various housing programs consisting of approximately 600 units within the community.


City of Longmont Community & Neighborhood Resources

The office of Community and Neighborhood Resources (CNR) offers help answering questions regarding lease termination, security deposits, evictions, repairs, housing discrimination, disputes, differences or conflicts with neighbors, residents, housing providers, or property management.


Thornton provides a detailed list of over 35 apartment complexes and six manufactured home parks in Thornton that offer a variety of rental options and amenities. It even has a map of Thornton rental options available.


City of Westminster Housing Assistance Program

Westminster’s Rental and Senior Housing page has a long list of affordable and senior housing communities ranging from subsidized apartments, low-income housing tax credit apartments, and other income restricted units.