Effect of Rent Control

About Us

  • Shaping Opportunities: We SHAPE Housing is providing opportunities for Coloradans by creating affordable housing solutions for people to live and work in the state. 
  • Shaping the Economy: In the newest figures available, Colorado’s multifamily housing industry is estimated to contribute a staggering $60.9 billion in economic impact to the state, supporting over 310,400 jobs across construction, renovation and repair, operating expenses, and renter household spending, and more. 
  • Shaping Partnerships: We SHAPE housing is supporters of charitable and housing organizations in Colorado through our Apartments Giving Back organization. 

We SHAPE (Support Housing Affordability, Progress, and Equality) Housing is a coalition empowers individuals and community organizations in neighborhoods to SHAPE housing throughout Colorado. As a coalition, we push for policies that help create additional supply of market-rate, affordable, and workforce housing in Colorado.

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